l'automne de toute chose

In 2020, California was ravaged by historic wildfires. During a visit to the state, Donald Trump once again denied the impact of climate change. 'It'll start getting cooler,' he said. He was waiting for the end of wildfire season, but it would come only months later: across the world, fire seasons are getting longer every year. An idea haunted our minds: that of a fire season that never ends. 

Final arrogance, to believe that Humanity is destroying the planet. No. It is contributing to the emergence of a world in which it will no longer have a place. We believe that our salvation will come from humility in the face of matter. For 'La saison des feux', we created objects that never had a name, still lives that tell, in their own way, at their own level, a little common History, both in love with and destructive of nature and technique. Before being embroidered, these objects were created as synthetic images via physical simulations on a computer. After freezing the movement of our virtual fabric on the screen,we invite it to shed its skin. It is reborn through a ritual which transforms it into something tangible, provoking a desire to caress : the act of embroidering, which is one of patience and abnegation, is for us an act of love.  


Through this orphean movement in which images created on a computer rise out of the warm reality of fabric, this is the story we are telling: of love and of the reconquest of a missing past,through the reconciliation of technology with the world. We are afraid, but we abandon ourselves to the restorative power of art. 

Cécile Davidovici - David Ctiborsky