May 16th to June 16th 2019 : << 1988 at mi*galerie Paris 



September 12th to October 28ht 2020 : CARTON PLEIN! at Courcelles Gallery, Paris, France. 



Art Up ! 2020, Lille, FRANCE with the Courcelles Gallery 



February 2020 : This is COLOSSAL 

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August 2019 : 60secdocs 

August 2019 : be creative magazine 

June 2019 : i24 news TV feature (in french) 

June 2019 : 9Lives Magazine (in french) 

May 2019 : Les Inrockuptibles (in french) 

April 2019 : Les Inrockuptibles (in french) 

January 2019 : BrwnPaperBag blog 

After completing drama and theatre studies, french artist, Cécile Davidovici attended a film school in New York City. The movies she wrote and directed there have been shown at festivals over the world, some receiving multiple awards. A common thread ran through them all, exploring the link between innocence and illusion. 

After her mother's death, Cécile felt a need to replace images and sound with tangible, touchable materials. She found that a new medium allowed her to anchor herself in the moment: textiles. The stories of innocence and illusions remained, now tinted with irrepressable nostalgia, and with a desire to capture memories and to immortalise past moments.